• 2005 : Established 1st manufacturing unit of PVC Suction Hose, LLDPE Delivery Lay Flat Hose, PVC Garden Pipes & HDPE Rolls in Assam.

  • 2007 : Established OEM Manufacturing for ENZO Brand SwitchGears - a Kundan Group Company

  • 2008 : Established Manufacturing of Garden Pipes with installed Capacity of 500MT Per Annual

  • 2009 : Expanded Capacity of of Garden Pipes from 500 to 1000 MT Per Annual

  • 2010 : Developed Mini Inverter & MCB & Isolator in the Product Range.

  • 2011 : Established Manufacturing of uPVC RIGID Pipes with installed Capacity of 500MT Per Annual

  • 2012 : Developed Isi Certified Electrical Conduit Pipes, Casing-Capping & Fittings

  • 2013 : Established Manufacturing of Electrical Wires & Cables

  • 2016 : Established Manufacturing of Blow Mould Water Tank & PVC Garden Pipes in Guwahati, Assam.

  • 2017 : Established Manufacturing of Roto Mould Water Tank & PVC Garden Pipes in Guwahati, Assam.

  • 2018 : Established Manufacturing of Blow Mould Water Tank in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.

  • 2019 : Established Manufacturing of Conduit Pipes & Casing-Capping & ISI Rigid Pipes in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.

  • 2020 : Established Manufacturing Unit of ISI Certified JJM Approved Water Tank in Kamalpur,Assam

  • 2021 : Established a Luxury holiday Villa in Goa

  • 2022 : Established Manufacturing Unit of Kraft Paper in Goalpara,Assam

Nipco Group: A Dynamic Arm of MPBD (Mahabir Prasad Basu Dev) Group

Since 1942

Established in 2005 under the visionary leadership of Mr. Ajay Agarwal, Nipco Group is a proud member of the esteemed MPBD Group. Originating from a lineage of Rice and Timber product manufacturing since 1942 in Assam, MPBD (Mahabir Prasad Basu Dev) Group’s legacy sets a strong foundation for Nipco’s journey. At Nipco Group, we’re not just a conglomerate; we’re a symbol of unwavering commitment, innovation, and excellence. Since our inception, we’ve led the industry, setting new standards and delivering exceptional value. Our dedication to superior service has made us synonymous with 


Our journey began by establishing the 1st Agriculture-based Pipes Manufacturing Company in North East India. We specialized in Polymer-based Products like PVC suction pipes, LLDPE delivery hose, HDPE roll pipes, and PVC garden pipes. In 2009, we expanded to Delhi, adding Garden Pipes, Electrical Conduit Pipes & Casing-Capping, and uPVC thread & Solvent Fit Pipes to our Product line. Evolving our expertise, we ventured into new territories, establishing Blow Molding Water Tanks and Flexible Pipe Manufacturing Units & a Kraft Paper Manufacturing Unit in North East India. 

Today, Nipco Group proudly operates manufacturing bases in three states – Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and Assam, offering a diverse range of products to meet market demands. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Nipco Group continues to shape the Polymer, Paper & Power based product manufacturing sector.

Explore our website to find out more about our high-quality products and the essence of Nipco Group – where expertise meets excellence, and your visions come to life.

Meet Our Directors

Founder & CMD

Ajay Agarwal, a dynamic entrepreneur armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a Diploma in Business Administration. Starting his journey at 22, Ajay has over two decades of invaluable experience in establishing and managing multiple industries, showing remarkable success.Driven by an unwavering commitment to growth and innovation, Ajay Agarwal serves as the driving force behind Nipco Group’s extraordinary journey of continuous expansion. As Founder Director of Nipco Group, he leads with market insight, pushing boundaries in power, polymers, and paper. Ajay proudly continues the 75-year legacy of M.P Pirojiwal, shaping the organization’s journey and making a difference in people’s lives through manufacturing.

Additionally, Ajay is the proud author of the Amazon Best Selling book
“You will be the Next Big Thing!!!”, Ranking No.1.


Aditya Agarwal

A seasoned leader with a decade of experience in manufacturing water tanks and garden pipes, currently directs the Polymer Division in the North East. As Joint Managing Director, he orchestrates factory management, guiding his team towards enhancing both quality and production efficiency. With a hands-on approach and strategic vision, Aditya has propelled the division to consistently deliver high-quality products, establishing himself as a valuable leader in the fiercely competitive manufacturing sector.

Bikash Agarwalla

A B.Tech graduate in IT, boasts over fifteen years of extensive experience in the IT industry, including notable leadership positions as a Project Manager in the United States. Now serving as the Joint Managing Director of Nipco Group's Paper Division, Bikash leverages his seasoned expertise to oversee all aspects of factory management. With a focus on utilizing advanced IT knowledge to streamline operations, his dynamic leadership style and dedication to innovation are driving the Paper Division towards sustained growth and success in the competitive manufacturing sector.

Anirudh Agarwal

Leveraging over a decade of expertise in the manufacturing of electrical products, stands at the helm as Director, orchestrating the entirety of factory operations with meticulous care. His leadership is marked by a steadfast commitment to guiding his team towards elevating production efficiency while unwaveringly upholding the highest standards of quality. Anirudh's proactive and forward-thinking approach extends to spearheading continuous product development initiatives, thereby cementing the company's position at the forefront of innovation within the dynamic landscape of the electrical field.

Manufacturing Units Established (2005-2021)



  • Spiral Suction Hose, Flexible Garden Pipes, Lay Flat Hose & HDPE Rolls Industry (2005-2007)
  • Blow Mold Water Tank manufacturing unit in Guwahati (2017)
  • 150 TPD, Kraft Paper Manufacturing unit in Matia.(2023)


  • Switchgear manufacturing unit (2007)
  • PVC Flexible Garden Pipes manufacturing unit (2008)
  • Rigid PVC Pipes manufacturing unit (2011)
  • PVC insulated Wire & Cable manufacturing unit (2014)
Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh

  • Blow Mold Water Tank manufacturing unit in Ghaziabad (2018)
  • Rigid PVC Pipes manufacturing unit in Dasna (2019)

All our units are equipped with cutting-edge technology and feature certified quality laboratories, ensuring the highest standards of production and product excellence.

Our Vision

At Nipco Group, our vision extends beyond boundaries. With a mission to provide consumers across the nation with high-quality, affordable Made in India products, we embrace cutting-edge technologies and industry expertise to realize this vision.

Our Values

Customer-Centric Approach

Our growth is intricately tied to customer satisfaction. We prioritize understanding and meeting the diverse needs and expectations of our consumers nationwide. Feedback is not just heard but acted upon promptly, ensuring continuous improvement and innovation.

Our Mission

Building Trust Through Quality

Driven by a commitment to excellence, Nipco Group endeavors to maintain the unwavering trust of our consumers and distributors. Our mission is simple: to deliver unparalleled quality and foster long-term relationships based on trust and reliability.

Factory Units

Why Choose Us

  • Product Quality:
    Our products exemplify quality. The trust of millions of customers is built on this unwavering commitment. We research, analyze, test, and innovate daily to enhance the value we bring to everyone’s lives.
  • Availability:
    NIPCO dealers are located across all seven states of Northeast India, and our network continues to expand daily. We are dedicated to supporting our dealers, helping them grow, and standing by their side to facilitate better decision-making.