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Welcome to NIPCO Group Polymer Division, NIPCO TANKS & PIPES the trailblazing brand that has been a leader in the market since its inception in 2005. At NIPCO, we are dedicated to turning your visions into reality through our commitment to excellence and innovation.

Our journey began in 2005 when Mr. Ajay Agarwal, armed with an MBA, established the first agriculture-based pipes manufacturing company in North East India. Focusing on the core business of manufacturing polymer-based products, we initially specialized in PVC suction pipes, LLDPE delivery hose, HDPE roll pipes, and PVC garden pipes.

In 2009, our growth led us to relocate to Delhi, where we expanded our product line to include garden pipes, electrical conduit pipes & casing-capping, UPVC thread & solvent fit pipes. As our expertise and capabilities evolved, we ventured into new territories, setting up a blow molding water tank and flexible pipe manufacturing unit in North East India.

Today, the NIPCO Group has established manufacturing bases in three states – Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and Assam. Our diverse range of products caters to the ever-growing demands of the market, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of the industry. With a strong commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, NIPCO Group continues to build on its legacy as a pioneer in the polymer-based product manufacturing sector.

Explore our website to discover the extensive range of high-quality products that embody the essence of NIPCO Group – where expertise meets excellence, and your visions come to life.

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